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3 Common mistakes CIOs Make

The common mistakes CIOs make in the current business environment are

a. failing to form relationships with other executives,

b. not articulating the value of technology to other business leaders, and

c. not aligning their technology initiatives with desired business outcomes.

The common problem CIO faces is that they don’t get invited to be part of the business initiatives because “the business” doesn’t see CIOs as strategic partners. While the CIO’s job is to work on the relationship with their business counterparts and increase the relationship satisfaction level, if the organisation wants IT to be integral part of their success then involve the CIO in their discussions and plans.

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Here are four tips for the CIO :

  1. identify the stakeholders in the business
  2. understand what their priorities are
  3. plan how IT can help them achieve their priorities
  4. engage the stakeholders in the initiatives and keep communicating

Soon, they will start seeing the value the CIO provides. Depending on how well the CIO is implementing the agreed initiatives and the value the stakeholder is getting, the CIO will start getting the invitations for the discussions.

Mani Padisetti

My secret ingredient is that my joy comes from seeing others succeed. This means everything I do is in my client’s best interest because I genuinely care for them and their business like it is my own. It is what has enabled Digital Armour to establish long and healthy relationships with our customers, win awards and become a preferred partner for Telstra and Microsoft.I have 20yrs experience running my own business. I know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. I recognise medium-sized businesses don’t have corporate budgets, and I understand their needs and priorities. This is invaluable to my customers.I believe in serving humanity by positively impacting the people I work with, the customers I serve, and the wider community. It’s an ethos that permeates through Digital Armour and our team of 50 employees.

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